Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Magical Tale of KK's Hidden Box of Books

Gather 'round, childrens. We're taking a break from not posting (even though I should be) about things, like Heart Breaths updates and such, to tell you a magical fairy tale with a happy ending.

Once upon a time, a long time ago (okay, like, four years ago), I packed up my books and moved them to the garage. I was going to live abroad for a bit, and I knew that if I would leave them out, I'd probably never see half of them again.
Two years later, I moved back, and took my boxes of books out of storage.
There was only one problem- there was actually one more box. I knew there was- it didn't make sense for there not to be. Where were all my other books?
There must be some black hole in the garage, because as many times as I attempted to look for the box, I couldn't find it. Pausing the search usually was a result of an injury of some sort (not only is the garage equipped with a black hole, but apparently it's also equipped with enough booby traps to put me off looking forever).
But with all the holidays this month, the garage was going to be opened and things in there would actually be used. Which meant that maybe, just maybe, there was a possibility of me finally finding my box of books. A little over four years later.

That shriek of happiness you heard on Wednesday?
That was me. Finding me box of books.
And yes, I cut my finger on broken glass, so don't worry- there was still an injury. Maybe the garage doesn't actually have a black hole (doubtful), but it does have booby traps.
The grand total of books that were in the last box is 62 books and one review book (hello, US History & Government Regents Review book. I don't really need you anymore).

The past few holiday days featured me skipping happily around the house singing about finding my books again, and reading said books. I don't think my family is quite as excited as I am about it.

Want to see some of my rediscovered books?
Of course you do. They're BOOKS. (WHEEEE!!!)


By Ellen Byerrum. I also have Raiders of the Lost Corset. I had the first one (Killer Hair), but I lent it to someone and never got it back. And apparently there are another few that I have yet to read! Have I added them to my TBR list? Um, obviously.
Crimes of Fashion are adorable- the main character, Lacey Smithsonian, is a fashion reporter with a flair for vintage who keeps finding herself in the middle of some seriously sticky situations. The cast of characters are quirky and wonderful, and even though I'm not always the biggest fan of clothing descriptions, it totally works for the series.


A birthday present from a friend. Who knows me and my love of shoes quite well. (Did I have a shoe calendar at one point? Yes, and it was GLORIOUS.)

ALL THE BOOKS. Barbara Delinsky, SEP, Kristin Hannah, Dave Barry, William Shakespeare, Anne George, Nathaniel Hawthorne...
AND LADIES OF THE CLUB- Makes me so happy that I found that book again :) It was actually a book that my great-grandmother and grandmother had read and recommended to me. Seeing it sitting on my bookshelf reminds me of my great-grandmother, who passed away the summer after I graduated high school.
HARRIET THE SPY: Do I even have to tell you that I wanted to be Harriet when I was younger? And I lived in an apartment building with a bus stop right outside. Prime spying location, let me tell you.
THE MISFITS: Oh, that book. All the hearts and love for that book. For every book I read as a kid that told me it was okay if I wasn't just like everyone else. 
DON'T LOOK DOWN: (not pictured, but there) The first of the Jennifer Crusie-Bob Meyer collaborations. In the ultimate KK universe, the two of them would write a million more books, because they are all kinds of fabulous. (And yes, I do own AGNES AND THE HITMAN and WILD RIDE.)

My grandmother bought these books for me on a trip she took me to Arizona (mostly the Grand Canyon, but a bunch of other places as well). I haven't read them since I was around thirteen (when I got them), but they were a lot of fun to read then, having just visited all the places written about in the books.

Most of these books were purchased at the library book sale in my grandparent's neighborhood- God bless their library, they have an ongoing used book sale in the basement of the library, with book pricing ranging from $0.50 to $3.00 a book. It is a magical place, and I am physically incapable of walking out of there without buying at least ten books. And yes, it is an essential part of every grandparently visit.

And yes, my grandparents are definitely book buying enablers. 

So that's just a few of the books I found this past week, which gave me all the nostalgic happy book feels. 

And then KK and all her books lived happily ever after. Until she had to find a place to keep them.

The End.

Monday, September 9, 2013

BLATANT BRIBERY (or, Street Team Announcement)

Well, hello there, pretty blog reader!
*flutters eyelashes*
You're looking marvelous today.
Your hair? That outfit? WOW.
Here, have some coffee. A macaron or two. A freshly baked cookie.
Take a seat on this fluffy and comfortable couch over here.

Remember how a few weeks ago I told y'all that I was going to be publishing HEART BREATHS? (And that you can add it to your GR TBR pile HERE?) *sighs fondly* Good times, weren't they?
I write because I want to. Because I need to. Because I would be a lot less sane if I didn't. I'm publishing HEART BREATHS because part of the process of writing is sharing your words with others. And while it's a terrifying and exhilarating thought at the same time, sharing it with others means getting the word out about it's existence.

And to do that, I need some help.
You and I may not know the same people. Granted, there will be some overlap (I know you and you know me ;D), but there are all sorts of wonderful people that you know. Who read. Who like beaches and mysterious pasts and coffee and all the drama and sexy men *cough* HEART BREATHS *cough*. Who maybe possibly would like HEART BREATHS as well.

I would love to get a group of y'all together to help me spread the word about HEART BREATHS. Hide your kids. Hide your wife.
Tell your kids (the older ones.) Tell your wife (or husband, or significant other, or that really cute guy you have a crush on). And that random lady you always see in the hair salon. And that cashier in your grocery store who you squee with about all your book boyfriends. And that friend you have on Facebook from high school who you never talk to anymore, but you remember she read a lot. And the librarian. And the bus driver.
You get the point :)

So, what exactly does being a member of the Heart Breaths street team mean?

I would totally promise all of you a unicorn, but shipping and handling for those are really kind of tricky. As is the shipping of an infinite supply of chocolate and wine and all the other lovely things. Seriously, UPS really needs to work on that.

You get a sneak peek into pretty much everything that's going on behind the scenes with Heart Breaths- sneak peeks of the book, seeing the cover early, and oh, yes, eARCs of Heart Breaths as soon as they are ready and available. And presents. Because I like giving them.
And my undying gratitude, and pretty much a promise that if I ever meet you in real life, I will tackle hug you.

That's a motivating factor, right?
(I've been told I give the world's greatest hugs if that makes y'all feel better.)

So, what's the first step?
You fill out the lovely information right here.

 And you can go spread the word about the street team by tweeting, Facebooking, or renting a billboard. (The link for the signup sheet is right HERE).

Have I mentioned how fabulous you are?
*hangs head in shame*
Well, I do think you're fabulous. In case you were wondering.
Picture via

And Hot Guy and his kitty think you're fabulous, too.

Thank you all so much for everything you've done so far- I know that committing to a street team is you taking time out of your busy lives, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much helping.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Second Chance Summer Cover Reveal

Happy September, y'all!
Today is a two-blog-post day, and I am SO EXCITED for this first one!

Emma Hart is a darling. Seriously, she is one of my favorite writerly people, and I've known her since almost the beginning of my writing journey. Her book, Never Forget, was actually the first one I reviewed on this blog, and I'm so, so happy to have her back with a gorgeous cover reveal for her next book, SECOND CHANCE SUMMER, which is coming out September 23rd.

Can you wait? I CANNOT WAIT.
I mean, read the blurb. Just read it.

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Love Game and Playing for Keeps is a story of hope and the beauty of getting a second chance at the kind of love that comes once in a lifetime…

“You don’t get a love like ours and get to leave it behind.”

Kia James was never meant to return to her hometown of Harlan Grove, Alabama… But she has.
And Reese Pembleton was definitely not supposed to still be in love with her the way she is him… But he is.

Last summer was the summer to end all summers. It was the summer they both fell in too deep to get out, and try as she might, Kia can’t deny that whatever was there between them a year ago is still there. If she’s honest with herself, there’s so much more there than there ever was, but the way her dad walked out six years ago has shattered her belief of that fairytale love every girl craves.

Reese isn’t giving up so easily. His biggest mistake was not chasing after Kia the way he wanted to when she upped and left him without a word. Despite what she says, he knows her better than anyone, and he knows she still wants him the way he wants her. And this time, nothing will stop him from getting – and keeping – his girl.

But nothing is that easy. When Kia’s dad arrives back in town, family secrets come tumbling out she never realized existed. Everything her mom has ever told her about the reason he left is a lie – but how can she trust the man who, by his own admission, didn’t fight for her as hard as he could have?

With her past and present wants and needs colliding, Kia is thrown into the turmoil of the biggest decisions of her life. And she realizes, sometimes a second chance is all you need. 

JUST LOOK AT IT. *grabs your face and turns you to the cover*


And because Emma is a lovely tease, I have an excerpt, too!
I know- your Sunday just got so much better.

Reese puts his arms out at the end of the truck. “Come on.”
“I can climb down from a truck.”
“I know that,” he replies and shakes his arms once. “But I’m just helping you. You know, being friendly.”
I raise my eyebrows, letting him grip my waist anyway. I put my hands on his shoulders, and he lifts me down, lowering me slowly to the ground. His eyes are on mine, watching me intently, and a small smile plays on his lips. I lick my bottom lip without thinking, and his eyes flicker down. I swallow against the thumping of my heart and force my breath out slowly, resisting the urge to let my body take control.
Reese’s hazel eyes are darker as they meet mine again, and I let my hands slide slowly down his chest. His fingers flex against my waist, like he’s fighting with himself whether to let me go or not.
I breathe a little faster against my will and I see his chest heave once. My fingers graze his stomach and I step back, loosening his hold on me. His hands brush my hips as he drops them from my waist, and I have to stop myself from wrapping my arms around my waist to make up for the loss of him.
“There’s nothin’ friendly about that, baby,” he says in a low voice. “Nothin’ at all.”
I let out a shaky breath. “We’re never gonna be able to be friends, are we?” I whisper sadly. “We’ll never be able to get past whatever it is between us, will we?”
He shakes his head. “I don’t wanna get past it, Kia. Not at all.”
“I can’t have everything. I can’t. It’s always gonna be all or nothing for us, Reese. There’s no in between, there never will be.”
“I’m not asking you fall back into my arms and let me sweep you off your feet,” he whispers, moving some hair from my face gently. “No matter how much I want to, I’m not asking that. I’m just askin’ you to let whatever will happen, happen. I don’t get what good it is with you fightin’ yourself every time.”
“What’s meant to be will be, right?” I shake my head a little in disbelief. “It doesn’t-”
“Work like that?” He raises his eyebrows, his thumb trailing down my cheek and neck. “How do you know if you keep fighting it?”

Here's the Goodreads link so you can add it to your TBR pile ASAP. Go. I'll wait here.

And a quick note from the author, because she is a doll:
SECOND CHANCE SUMMER is book 1 of the Chance series, and there is NO cliffhanger. There are loose ends that need tying up in both the second book and companion novels – to be announced – but I have tried my best to resolve the main story line in this book. 


There's a fabulous giveaway- you can win an eARC of SECOND CHANCE SUMMER. Clicky clicky HERE for a chance to win.

And as always, go say hi to Emma and tell her how beautiful her cover is. Which she MADE HERSELF. God, some people are just good at everything.

By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to a terrible two year old and growing bump, due September 2013. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of juice and writes books.
Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.
She likes to be busy - unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.

Find Emma online at:
Twitter: @EmmaHartAuthor