Tuesday, November 5, 2013

HEART BREATHS is here! And, the time my brother reviewed it...

It's here it's here it's here it's heeeeeeere!!!
*breathes into paper bag*
It's like being 22, apparently- happy, sad, confused & lonely at the same time... well, more like thrilled, nervous, excited & terrified at the same time.

But hooray! Should your lovely heart so desire, you can purchase HEART BREATHS on Amazon- I'll be updating this with the other links when they're available. Just a note: HEART BREATHS is part of the Kindle Match program- so when you buy a paperback, you have the option of purchasing the ebook for 99 cents. 

HEART BREATHS is my little baby debut novel, and if you decide to buy it and read it, firstly, thank you thank you thank you, and second, I hope you like it.
As a HOORAY! for publishing a book, I'm hosting a giveaway, ending next week- I'm giving two signed paperbacks of HEART BREATHS- and yes, it's open internationally. Make sure to spread the word to have more chances to win :)

And now for Storytime With KK....
So, my brother hasn't read HEART BREATHS. It's not really his kind of book to read, anyway, him being a more Isaac Asimov Brandon Sanderson kind of dude.
But God bless him, that SNEAK (Hi, Brotherly One. I know you're reading this.) decided to review Heart Breaths on Amazon yesterday. How he knew it was even up when I hadn't said anything... I don't know. SNEAK SNEAK SNEAK SNEAK.

If you ever wondered what my family is like, or if they were normal and I was just the odd one out... well. He took the review down after I saw it and laughed until I cried, and said I could post it here for your reading enjoyment.

My brother, ladies and gents: 
The review was five stars, and was entitled "Heart Breaths" will take your breath away!

When I first picked up “Heart Breaths,” my expectations were quite low. However, this proved to be one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the universe. This marvelous novel shook me to my very core. This is not merely a novel, it is a spiritual experience. “Heart Breaths” will no doubt be counted among the greatest works of art that humanity has created, along with Beethoven's 5th Symphony and the Mona Lisa. K.K. Hendin writes with perfect prose that feels as though it were being narrated by a host of celestial angels. This book is written with such skill, to the point where I would not be surprised if “K.K. Hendin” turns out to be a pseudonym for a more well-known author, such as William Shakespeare. 
This humble novel represents the apex of Western civilization. My life was changed by reading this book, and yours will be too. Reading “Heart Breaths” made me feel as though I were soaring through the air over a whole new world filled with magic and wonder. Trying to put down this book was like trying to make the sun set in the east, or like trying to slep without my blacy. This book took me to a time when love was blind and the world was a song and the song was exciting. As I turned the final page, I prayed that I was mistaken and this wonderful novel was not yet finished, but alas, there are dreams that cannot be, and there are storms we cannot weather. If only everyone would read this book, I believe it could be the first step towards world peace and universal love. It is rare for an author to achieve absolute perfection on their first book, but Ms. Hendin has done it. 
The skill with which this book is written almost defies imagination. The locations in this book felt so real to me that when I put down the book, I was surprised to find myself in my house and not in Eno, North Carolina. The characters were not simply the mere caricatures usually seen in this genre, rather they are fully-defined people filled with depth and humanity, to the extent that I can no longer relate to the people I know as they are all shallow and boring by comparison. I recently broke up with my long-time boyfriend, as I realized that I would much rather be in a relationship with Gabe, despite the fact that he is fictional. Since reading this book, I have been unable to read any others, as they are insignificant as dust mites compared to the glorious perfection that is “Heart Breaths.” I am in the process of learning to speak only French, as any other use of the English language feels clumsy and amateurish to me when compared to Ms. Hendin’s. 
In conclusion, reading this book was like stumbling starving through the desert for weeks and then finding a shining oasis full of fresh kale, or like dancing all night to the best song ever. This life-changing experience has caused my memories to all magically fade away into a bizarre kind of nostalgia, the kind that only comes from knowing how bad everything else is when compared to the superb flawlessness of “Heart Breaths.” No mere mortal can properly praise the glory of “Heart Breaths,” and everything that I have said about it thus far is merely a drop in the ocean compared to what deserves to be said about this masterpiece. Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun, like a stream that meets a boulder halfway through the wood, who can say if I've been changed for the better, but because I read “Heart Breaths,” I have been changed for good.

Apparently he had been planning this since September. Possibly the best release day present I could have gotten. Maybe he should write my next book, considering his gift for fiction is truly magnificent.
Or maybe I should just bully him into doing NaNoWriMo himself.

A big giant hug and thank you to the wonderful, wonderful people who have kept me sane through this whole writing and publishing process (you know who you are, and you know I love you, yes?)- and to you, lovely blog reader, for putting up with my various and sundry shenanigans through this all.

Happiest of Tuesdays, darlings!

(And the Amazon link once more for good luck: http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Breaths-KK-Hendin-ebook/dp/B00GF0B8Q4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1383573200&sr=8-3&keywords=heart+breaths)