Thursday, June 26, 2014


(Sorry about yesterday, y’all. I thought the website would approve right away, but it didn’t. But now everything is live and ready to go!)


I know- I haven’t posted for a while. I haven’t MSWL’d for a while. I have been trapped in my writing cave, but I have escaped to bring you some SERIOUSLY AWESOME NEWS.

News, you ask?
YES!! NEWS! And not just any news… BOOK NEWS!

*happy dances around my room*

Sooooo, as you may have guessed, I’m going to be publishing another book soon- I am SO stinking excited about it. I don’t think I’ve ever swooned over characters the way I’ve been swooning over these two. It’s got a combination of some of my favorite things, AND it’s the first of a series of standalones about some truly kickass girls.

But the official announcement is not today. It’s going to be on July 10th. And not just the title and blurb, but 
ALSO the cover of the book that ZOMG YOU GUYS IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL HAFSAH IS A MOTHERFLUFFING GENIUS. (And there’s going to be a giveaway because prizes are SUPER FUN, y’all.)

Do you want in?

OBVS YOU DO. (Y’all. July 10th is going to be a magical day here on the blog.)
Instead of organizing a cover reveal and having different people posting and having links get confused and losing track, I’m going to be posting all the book stuff on my blog only.

So, how can you help spread the word?

You can go back the Thunderclap for the Book News & Cover Reveal! Right HERE!

Thunderclap is kind of like a social media Kickstarter- instead of pledging money, you pledge tweets, Facebook posts, Tumblr posts, whatever social media floats your boat. When you pledge, what you’re doing basically is scheduling a post for the day the Thunderclap campaign goes live. With Kickstarter, if your campaign isn’t fully funded, nobody will get charged. For Thunderclap, if there aren’t enough backers, nobody’s tweets and posts will go through.

All you have to do is follow THIS LINK to the campaign page, and follow instructions. Easy and painless :)

AND, because I love y’all and SO appreciate everything you do, anyone who backs the Thunderclap campaign will be entered into a raffle to win a book of your choice. That means hardback or paperback, open internationally.

So, let’s review, shall we?

SUPER AWESOME BOOK NEWS AND COVER REVEAL COMING JULY 10th. To help spread the word, back the THUNDERCLAP CAMPAIGN. It takes less than a minute, doesn’t cost you any money, and you can be entered in a raffle to win any book of your choice.


*smooshes you all into a big hug* *skips back into the writing cave*