Monday, August 18, 2014

Come Back To Texas...

It's release day number three.

I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but as I type this, COME BACK TO TEXAS is currently live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (Kobo & iBooks are still uploading) and are available for purchase. If I was a cartoon, my eyes would be bugging out of my head.

Hayley and Nate have been floating around my head for a good three years, and having this book out in the world is a little surreal. Their story has changed since that day that I jotted down the first version of the end of this book in the body of an email that I sent to myself one day at work. There was no a cappella then, there were no pies, and there was no ice cream.

There are a bunch of posts that are going to be going up over the course of this week, but for now I'm just going to drink my tea and wonder how I got so lucky.

I hope y'all love Hayley, Nate, and the Beats as much as I do.


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Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's Birthday Month! (And CBTT Month, Too!)

I am SO PSYCHED it's August for a few reasons:
1. Birthday month! Wooooo!
3. Vacation! Thank God!!

And because of those three super exciting things, we're going to be celebrating. All month. On all forms of social media.

I don't know if you're ready for this magic, because y'all- ALL THE THINGS.
No, seriously.
All of them.

Birthday Month means I'm going to be doing all kinds of things for you, because you're not all close enough to invite for a RL birthday party. It also means I'm going to be trying as best as I can to learn to dance like I'm twenty two, because I have less than a month for that to happen.

So, first things first, I'm the realest.

Okay, actual first thing:
The COME BACK TO TEXAS Blog Tour and Review Thingymawhatsit!
What the heck does that even MEAN, KK?

It means a few things- namely, that I'm not stressing out over CBTT. I'm not. I am done, done, DONE stressing out over things I only have a little bit of control over. Because y'all, life is too short for nonsense like making yourself sick from stress.

So instead of blog tours and all such things, I'm inviting y'all to join me with this blog hop meme thing. The idea is kind of stolen from the wonderful Dahlia Adler, who did something similar for her excellent book, BEHIND THE SCENES, which you should read if you haven't yet.

The blog hop will be called COME BACK TO.... In COME BACK TO TEXAS, Nate makes YouTube videos where he tells Hayley (and the rest of the internet) all the reasons he thinks she should come back to Texas. COME BACK TO... is a blog hop where you blog about reasons why you think people should come back to your country, state, city, neighborhood...

So, being that I'm a NYer, I can blog about why I think people should come back to New York (the state) or NYC, or the neighborhood that I live in. I'm really excited to learn about different states and cities, and in firmly reminding myself that I can't actually go visit everywhere RIGHT NOW, no matter how much I want to.

Oh, and if you want to review a copy of CBTT, that would be cool, too!

What do you need to do to join? Just fill out the handy dandy form, and I'll email you all the appropriate things!

In the same vein of "I'm not stressing out over CBTT and I'm ONLY going to have fun for this release day", instead of a Facebook party, I'm going to have a party on Twitter!

But not a regular 'tweet KK questions about CBTT' (although you're always welcome to do that) Twitter party- instead, we're going to be watching (or rewatching, for a bunch of us) PITCH PERFECT, and live-Tweeting it. 

Hayley is a member of Twelve Beats In A Bar, an all-female a cappella group. PITCH PERFECT centers around an all-female college a cappella group. COME BACK TO TEXAS and PITCH PERFECT are a little different, but both are fun.

We're going to be starting at 9:30 PM EST, and will be tweeting using the hashtag #CBTTPP (COME BACK TO TEXAS PITCH PERFECT). I was going to use something longer but long hashtags make tweeting harder.

So, get your popcorn ready for August 18th, because Pitch Perfect rewatch!

There will be other things coming your way, so watch the blog for some more exciting announcements!

Reminder: The Goodreads TBR Charity Initiative is still going- add CBTT to your TBR list to raise the amount of money I'll be donating to the Wounded Warrior Project!

Also, if you're a writer, agent, or editor, the lovely Jessica Sinsheimer and I have announced the next #MSWL date- September 3rd. There are all sorts of awesome things going on behind the scenes, so make sure you're on Twitter on September 3rd because it will be MAGICAL.
(The #MSWL Tumblr got a facelift, so make sure you go check that out! Searching is around eleventy bazillion times easier now. Yay!)

*vanishes in a puff of smoke back into the Edit/Drafting Cave*