Monday, March 9, 2015

15 Things To Know About THIS MUCH SPACE

THIS MUCH SPACE is coming out in ONE WEEK from today.
Cue the panic....
*runs around screaming*

So here we go... 15 random facts about THIS MUCH SPACE....
1. Olivia is actually fat. Not size 12 fat. Actually fat.
2. Thierry's dad is from Brazil, and his mom is from Japan. He probably looks something like Hideo Maouraka. (You're welcome.)
3. Olivia has been known to knit a scarf for the outfit she's wearing because she didn't like any of the scarves she's previously made.
4. Thierry is the shortstop on the Bushwick Racers.
5. If you don't know Lonely Island songs, you may learn a bit more while reading TMS.
6. The f word is there around 200 times. (Sorry, Mom.)
7. Underage drinking.
8. So many bras.
9. Elvis.
10. There's a book dress.
11. Songs from High School Musical may get stuck in your head at some point of the book.
12. The Bushwick library is inspired by the Hunter College library in NYC, and the Hebrew University library in Jerusalem, where I've spent many many hours.
13. The opening scene is partially based on a conversation I overheard in a lingerie shop. (Yes, really.)
14. The Jackson Isador Zimmer building is still there, and continues to amuse me, because I am mature like that.
15. The scene where Olivia and Thierry meet might be my favorite meet cute I have ever written.

And some pictures from Pinterest...

If you'd like to have a sneak peak, a whole bunch of bloggers have posted a bit from THIS MUCH SPACE.
And if you haven't added it to your TBR list on Goodreads, do so soon! I'll be tallying up the number of adds next Monday for a donation for TWLOHA.

(And far all of you who have recently read and reviewed COME BACK TO TEXAS and A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIEN, you are amazing. <3)

Stick around y'all, because Wednesday comes the very fabulous cover for BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FOOL, which you definitely are going to want to see.

Happiest of Mondays!

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